The Pound Shop/Dollar Store Challenge – Day 1 – 15/11/2020.

I decided to join in on the Dollar Store Challenge that Hip Roof Barn and her friend are doing from the 15th to the 17th of November – Val over at Just Another Day On the Farm is also taking part.

The idea behind it is to be prepared – many governments and NGOs recommend that you have at least three days’ worth of food and water at home in the event of an evacuation or emergency. These would be often found at the Pound Shop or Dollar Store as the food are recommended to be shelf stable.

We did not get a budget for the challenge which was a relief – you can read about what I bought and what my initial thoughts were here. I chose to buy the food I would eat and to drink tap water for the duration of this challenge.

Today is my first day of the challenge. It’s a Sunday, so there’s no rush to go anywhere or do anything.

I go downstairs to make breakfast for Husband and myself, and I instinctively reach for the kettle to boil water for two cups, before I stop myself, and remember that for the next three days, I am on tap water only.

I pour myself a cup of water to drink, make Husband a cup of tea and set about making breakfast.

A pack of rolled oats, a jar of strawberry jam, a carton of UHT milk and a box of breakfast biscuits.
Breakfast time!

As I go to open the UHT milk up to make my porridge, I realise there is a small problem.

The top of the UHT milk I bought. The milk is due to expire in 3 days' time.
Oh dear.

Don’t get me wrong, I will use this for the whole of the challenge unless it goes bad very suddenly. And as I will be able to refrigerate it, I think it should be ok.

But what this does highlight is that it’s no good keeping a supply of shelf stable foods at home, unless you check on the condition of your stock regularly and ensure it’s all in date….

A bowl of cereal with a scoop of strawberry jam in it, with a pack of breakfast biscuits in silver foil, and a small cup of water.
Breakfast is served!

Breakfast is warm, tasty and filling. I miss my morning cup of tea, but having something hot for breakfast does help.

I go for an hour’s walk before lunchtime, so when I return, I want something hot to eat for lunch. I decide to try the Soba noodles I bought.

A cup of prepared instant noodles with a fork stuck into it.
Lunch is served!

The food is warming and tasty, but I don’t feel full or satisfied after. I finish off by having a Pepperami and one of the fruit pots.

A mug of water, a pack of Pepperami and a fruit pot.
Just something to finish my lunch off. I feel more full and satisfied after eating this.

For my evening meal, I decide to use one of the rice pouches, a tin of sweetcorn and the tin of salmon in garlic and chili oil to make my meal. I finish off with one of the fruit and jelly pots.

A plate of golden rice with vegetables in it, and some salmon, there is also a cup of water and a fork.
My dinner this evening.

I miss having a hot beverage, especially first thing in the morning. Apart from that I feel today has gone ok, I’ve felt full and warm enough, and not like I’ve missing out.

By my count I have had 3/5 portions of fruit and veg today, and I have consumed 2108 calories.

Though I do wonder what tomorrow will be like, with work being so full-on at the start of the week.

You can also follow me over on Instagram to see what we get up to, at @realmofsilver (it’s mostly books and bargains, with occasional pictures of the Cat when she is in a good mood).

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  1. thanks for the overview, I like the use of jam on the oatmeal and to bad on the dates on the milk.. but yes that can be a issue for sure. the noodles look good and sorry about the water.. I did just hot water yesterday.. This morning I poured my fruit cup juice into a water cup to give it a hint of flavour.. Good luck today! I know you said the one staff is on holiday for 2 weeks so you will be short this week a well

    1. Silver says:

      Thank you, I hope you’ll be ok as well. Can’t imagine what I would have felt like if I did really heavy manual work outside, but then not being able to have a hot drink:S

  2. It is important to apply the first in/first out to our emergency food stocks. I know that some recommend that on the day you check the batteries in your smoke alarm (here that is the day the clocks switch to daylight savings) you also check the dates on your emergency food stocks.

    It looks like your meals are pretty yummy even if you are not getting any tea. I am so envious of your cow milk. I’m really missing good old cow milk.

    1. Silver says:

      That’s a good idea, doing it at the same time! Though I should have checked the date of it when I bought it, as it was only in the beginning of November.
      I was so pleased when I saw it just lurking on the bottom shelf – having the hot porridge has really set me up well for the morning.

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