The Pound Shop/Dollar Store Challenge – Day 3 – 17/11/2020.

I decided to join in on the Dollar Store Challenge that Hip Roof Barn and her friend are doing from the 15th to the 17th of November – Val over at Just Another Day On the Farm is also taking part.

The idea behind it is to be prepared – many governments and NGOs recommend that you have at least three days’ worth of food and water at home in the event of an evacuation or emergency. These would be often found at the Pound Shop or Dollar Store as the food are recommended to be shelf stable.

We did not get a budget for the challenge which was a relief – you can read about what I bought and what my initial thoughts were here. I chose to buy the food I would eat for myself (Husband is not taking part), and to drink tap water for the duration of this challenge.

You can read about how day 1 went here, and day 2 here.

It’s Tuesday and the second part of the challenge. I have a feel of the carton of milk, and as luck would have it, there is still enough in there to make one more bowl of porridge.

A bowl of porridge, my breakfast biscuits and a mug of water.
Breakfast time! Last day with no cup of tea, though!

We are due to have our meter inspected today at 11.20am, so imagine my surprise when they come by a little after 9am! No matter, it gets it done and it means the power is back on in time for me to listen to the Q and A session my employer is hosting remotely.

For lunch I have the last two packets of Maggi instant noodles, and a pepperami.

A bowl of cooked instant noodles with a fork stuck into it.
Nice to have a hot lunch when the weather is cold.

The afternoon drags on a bit while I catch up with some training I have to do, so I decide to treat (?) myself to half a tin of peaches in juice. I had gone off these for a while after doing Living Below the Line, but I can finally stomach them now, three years later.

An opened tin of peaches, and a blue bowl with some peaches in it.
My afternoon treat.

For dinner, I decide to have the second rice pouch and a tin of sweetcorn. It fills me up but feels quite bland, I wish I could salt or pepper it.

A bag of savory chicken rice and a can of sweetcorn.
My dinner tonight.

I have really fancied a cup of tea tonight. I always have one after finishing doing a task, and I am, as I am writing this, stubbornly staying up so I can have one at one minute past midnight. Husband has said he will make it for me.

Today has not been that great, in terms of fruit and veg. I have only had 2/5 servings today. And, without being too TMI, it’s…having an impact.

I ate well today as well, in total I consumer 2011 calories.

To sum up, I think you would eat like this just to exist. It would really be in an emergency, or if you were skint. Sure, the food was filling but not particularly healthy. I missed the variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, and missed dairy.

Did I mention I missed tea?

The shelf stable food fills a need, that is all.

But I suppose that’s all it needs to do, to tide you over in an emergency.

This challenge has highlighted to me the importance of being prepared and checking your supplies. And how having snacks and hot drinks do really well for morale – I can imagine it would make things feel so much better if we had to leave our home for the unknown.

You can also follow me over on Instagram to see what we get up to, at @realmofsilver (it’s mostly books and bargains, with occasional pictures of the Cat when she is in a good mood).

10 Comments Add yours

  1. More power to you! ❤️

  2. I love noodles and peaches 🙂

  3. Thanks for playing along. I think you did really well. Now go an enjoy copious cups of hot tea. You deserve it!

    1. Silver says:

      Thank you very much ❤

  4. I bet that tea hit the spot so much.. I have bacon, eggs an a huge cuppa of tea with milk and local honey for my breakfast!

    you did good.. I watched you making noodles.. such good yummy looking noodles.. lol

    1. Silver says:

      An excellent breakfast, I had eggs and toast the first morning after the challenge ended!

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