Silver Squirrels Away – Full list of sites, panels and apps I use.

Due to our ongoing unstable financial situation, I have done surveys and market research for years to bolster our income and to save for Christmas and birthdays.

Much of what I get from this, especially PayPal payments, is being diverted to our Travel Fund as we are saving to eventually go to Japan.

I thought I would put together a full list of all the sites I am part of, as others who are in the same situation as us could find it useful to oomph their income a bit. As I have time (and the will to live, frankly) I may add more information about each site and link it to this page so you can have a bit more of a read about it.

  • Boots panel (mostly only suitable for those who live locally to Nottingham, as you have to visit the Evaluation Suite at the Boots factory for a lot of the product tests).
  • FPL Panel.
  • Food for Thoughts.
  • Globaltestmarket.
  • Global Voices.
  • Greenpanthera.
  • Inboxpounds.
  • Ipsos I-Say.
  • MaxiMiles.
  • Nectar Canvass.
  • NiceQuest.
  • Nielsen HomeScan.
  • OnePoll.
  • OnePoll+.
  • Opinion Outpost.
  • PineCone (by invitation only).
  • Senses-Club.
  • Sensory Dimensions (I know they have a branch in Reading, but there is one in Nottingham as well).
  • Shopper Thoughts (Part of Tesco).
  • Swagbucks.
  • Taste Nation.
  • Tesco Home Panels.
  • Toluna.
  • Topcashback.
  • Valued Opinions.
  • YouGov.
  • Your Views.

I am also part of two dedicated panels, one for The Body Shop and one for Experian.

In addition to this, I have since my Jurassic phone died a death purchased a smartphone. I have installed the following apps on it:

  • JobSpotter.
  • ReceiptHog.
  • Shopmium.
  • Olio.