Going for a springtime walk while visiting my family in Norway.

While we were visiting my family in Norway, I decided to go for a walk and take the dog with me one afternoon. Grief was still hitting me hard, and I wanted to see if the wood anemones were still out, so a walk in the woods made sense. I took Sister's dog with me, [...]


An agonizing April.

The month of April was overshadowed by that we had to put the Cat to sleep, suddenly and unexpectedly, the day before we were travelling to see my family. It tainted our whole week at home. As we were travelling on the train down to the airport the morning after we had buried her, I [...]


We had to put the Cat to sleep today. The vet took an ultrasound of her belly this afternoon after two weeks of decreasing appetite, which showed an accumulation of fluid in her. The fluid was tested and it showed positive markers for a tumour, but also for FIP - and the prognosis for either [...]

Going for a walk among the bluebells in Bunny Old Wood.

The weather here has been glorious over the past few days . To enjoy the weather to the fullest (and to try and stop my mood spiralling further), I decided to accompany Husband's family to the Old Wood in Bunny outside Nottingham.

Some foraging, some squirreling, and some sighing.

The last few days have been mixed - but when isn't it, in the Silver household? Saturday was very quiet at weekend job, as most students have gone home for the Easter holidays. I spent the time catching up on admin tasks, submitting my expenses claims and working on my appraisal. Sunday I had the [...]

Going foraging on the path down from our house: Making nettle soup.

I got inspired when Hiproofbarn did her challenge of eating how they did during the Second World War - once spring came, I resolved to try making nettle soup. Today was my day off and as I didn't have any other engagements or appointments (a rarity in my world!) I decided to give nettle soup [...]

A frugal weekend.

Last weekend was quiet and frugal. The students have broken up for Easter, so weekend job was very quiet last week. It meant I could carry on with the stock projects in the subject area I have been assigned (824-999, so literature and history, score!). Because the weather was so miserable Saturday evening, I decided [...]

Be careful. And be kind.

I was stood in the queue at the post office yesterday, waiting to post a parcel. At the window was a lady, wanting to send a letter, but was unsure how to send it. Three times the clerk explained the options available, before the lady could understand and decide what she wanted to buy. The [...]

A Mixed March.

March has been and gone. Hello, April. March has been a mixed month for us. Good things about March were: Spring is on its way, properly this time. I have turned the heating off and can peg washing out on sunny days, and I find it dry or almost dry when I get home from [...]

Silver Squirrels Away: Shopmium.

After my prehistoric phone stopped working and I got a smartphone, I was interested in what free things I could get through using apps on it. Or if there were apps I could use to accumulate points etc. to exchange for gift cards, as I have done this with (in my humble opinion) great success [...]