A day trip to Lichfield.

I spent last Saturday visiting a friend in Lichfield. I was very lucky as my friend used to volunteer as a guide, and so could tell me lots about the city!   To get there, I took the train to Birmingham and then changed for a local service. Going back again the onward connection was [...]


Our trip away to Skegness.

Happy anniversary to us! Husband and I have been married for 9 years this year. To celebrate and because we needed a break, we decided to go to Skegness. I had never done the British seaside experience. When I asked family, friends and colleagues about it, people seemed to be in two camps about it. [...]

A Joyful July.

July has been and gone - as I finished at the weekend job for the summer in June, it has not felt so full-on this month. Good things about July were: I got some lovely bargains: I managed to visit Husband's sister and go to the market, and got some lovely fresh food. The Cat [...]

‘Hell-ooo? Can you hear me? CAN YOU UNDERSTAND ME?’ and other adventures in supporting Husband with accessing healthcare.

I was retrieving a journal article for a user at work, when I came across this article on our national healthcare website. It comments on a large scale study done in Sweden which was published in 2016, which looked at the life expectancy of people with ASD compared to people who do not have the [...]

Keeping track of the grocery spend: May 2019, a wrap-up of 2018 and 2019, and the NEW Reduced Food Saving stats.

(You can read the Preamble here, which explains all the different categories and how we budget, and what is and isn't included.) May, glorious, May. End of the year for May 2018 - May 2019, and the start of my spreadsheet for how much we save from buying reduced food. Next year's grocery sheet will [...]

A joyful June.

June is ending, and July will soon be upon us. How did June treat us? My weekend job has finished at the university for the summer. This means I have more free time until the end of September. Free time to work on some goals for this summer. (I have already crossed one off the [...]

My summer goals for 2019.

Work at my weekend job has now finished for the summer, so I now have weekends free as well as my Wednesdays until the end of September. As I am so busy when working six days a week, I set myself summer goals both in 2017 and last year. I don't really have the time, [...]

Silver Squirrels Away: JobSpotter.

I read about the Jobspotter app in the MoneySavingExpert weekly email. One of the writers detailed how she managed to earn Β£200 in the course of a year by going on a walk on her lunch break, and using JobSpotter to take down jobs she saw posted in her local area. JobSpotter is available on [...]

When a blog you’ve read stays with you.

One thing that has struck me about the internet is how it, among other things, can help us deal with difficult situations. Online, the barrier for talking about these things is set lower, and it’s easier to find others who may be in the same situation as you. Heck, even by starting this blog I [...]

A motley May (again).

May has gone and summer is now on its way with June. How did we do in May? Good things about May were: I read a lot. Working in two libraries, reading for enjoyment is an occupational hazard, as you can always see something you want to borrow when you're shelving.... We had quite a [...]