About me

This is a blog about two people, our families and the cat.

Me: Lady, 31, working two salaried jobs and doing a self-employed gig on the side (native Norwegian speaker so doing translation work and voice prompts) . This means I work six days a week. Likes: Reading, playing games, watching daytime TV and documentaries, travelling, cooking,  saving money (though not necessarily in that order).

Husband: Gent, 31, works one part-time job and one zero hours job. Likes: Games of any description, writing, illustrating games, games, did I mention games? Also watching TV series and films. And Star Wars and Superman. Has epilepsy. Was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2015. Currently waiting for a start date.

Cat: Female tortoiseshell, not sure when born as she was a rescue but microchip was registered in October 2009. Likes to eat, sleep, play with strings and things she can ‘boop’ off the shelves.

This blog is about our life and the ups and downs of it. I write about our life and what goes on in it, and our experience of things. Two recurring themes at the moment are a) thrift and b) advocacy.

I accrued a lot of debt from attending university here in the UK and we have a mortgage now plus money owed to family for that purchase, so the focus is on trying to be as frugal as we can be and get this paid off sooner rather than later.

I will also write about our experience of dealing with employers and government agencies in my quest to support my husband in employment and in getting employers to respect his rights and dignity. And my experience of supporting my husband pre and post diagnosis.

We are in this for the long haul, why not come along for the ride?