Catch of the day: Dining out again at the Sharing Sherwood project.

It’s the second Sunday of the month again, so this evening Husband and I took our neighbour with us and we went to have dinner at the Sharing Sherwood project again.

At the Sharing Sherwood project volunteers cook food given to them by the organization FareShare (they collect food from supermarkets that they would have binned and distributes it to soup kitchens and food banks) and people can come and eat for a donation. The money collected goes to foodbanks in Nottingham.

We had such a lovely time when we went last time and were determined to go back again as it’s such a lovely idea. Last time the donations made plus the entry money totalled £155 – this is a great help for the project as they are hoping to donate at least £100 to each foodbank in December this year from what they’ve made from the dinners.

Hard to imagine that if the food served there had not been snapped up by FareShare it would have been binned by the supermarkets! I have already pencilled in that we’re going next time it’s on in September.

There were fewer people there than last time. We guessed it was because it’s school holidays now and so many of the families who brought their children last time are away on vacation.


Tonight’s menu. All delicious.
The donations table. You make a donation and then you can help yourself to the food. Someone had also brought in a basket of rhubarb and several giant marrows from their garden to share.
My lovely dinner! Going clockwise we have a vegetable bake, asparagus, red cabbage, afghan pilau rice and vegetable curry. Topped with fresh chopped coriander. I may have gone back for seconds…
Our haul from the donations table today, plus one of the marrows. So glad we could go along this time. Need to look up what to do with a giant marrow now!

Avoiding food waste: Dining at the Sharing Sherwood project.

One afternoon I had a look at the library notice board after collecting some books, and I came across this notice:



It said that for a suggested donation of £2.50 per adult and £1.50 per child, anyone was welcome to attend and eat food that would otherwise had been thrown out by the supermarkets. Food is collected by FareShare that supermarkets need to get rid of due to their use by/best before dates, and Sharing Sherwood cooks the food and serves it to people who donate to eat. The funds are then donated to food banks around Nottingham.

Husband and I have lived here for a year now after we bought our house but want to get more involved in the community so we decided to go.

In addition to this, I am very passionate about food and food waste – wasting food is criminal in my opinion is a waste of precious resources and labour.

We have a food, toiletries and clothes bank at the college for hard up students – it is surprising and shocking to see how deprived some of our students are. As a department we also collect food for the food banks every summer as children who normally get free school meals have to be fed in the summer as they aren’t at school putting extra strain on people’s household finances.

Sharing Sherwood meets at the church up the street on the 2nd Sunday of every month at 6pm.

Husband and I went along, and paid at the door before finding a seat.

Our menu for the night.

We had a lovely time there, trying the different food – there was loads of food to be had and everyone could have seconds if they wanted. 70 people attended and it was nice to see how varied the group was, from people with families to students to pensioners.

Delicious food, rescued from an untimely end in the bins! Going clockwise from 12, we have carrot and parsnip fries, tortellini pasta bake with tomatoes and feta, asparagus and edamame beans, salad cream, green salad with feta and falafel. All delicious.

Everyone pitched in with cleaning up and putting stuff away afterwards, and this session we were told raised £155 for the foodbank. People are encouraged to bring a drink and a container when they come as they hand out the leftovers afterwards, so as to not waste food.

The food was delicious and there was plenty of it; we wouldn’t have realized this food was ‘out of date’ if we hadn’t been told. We think this is a brilliant idea, and husband and I said to each other several times how unbelievable it was that this food had not been snapped up by FareShare, it would have gone in the bin as it was past it’s ‘use by’/’best before’ date.

I spoke to one of the volunteers and they said that the only thing they did not get a lot of was meat as it’s hard to store and keep fresh until they use it. But with all the food that was available, it didn’t even occur to me that the meal needed some meat, it was fine as it was.

They also had some food laid out on one of the tables where you could help yourself, for a donation. We made a donation and took this home:

More food saved from the bin! We may or may not have already quality assured the Special K biscuits. Can’t wait to try the soups.

The next dinner will be held on the 13th of August and I’ve already put it in my calendar so husband and I will go again!

If you want to read more about the project and join their FaceBook page you can do so here.

Reduced Catch of the Day:

We are visiting friends this weekend and after I’d been to the train station to collect our tickets, thought I’d go by the Tesco Express as we needed milk anyway. Found these babies waiting for me:

My sweet, delicious bargains!


I had to restrain myself so only bought three of the crumpets and one bag of pancakes. They promptly went in the freezer when I got in!

I love checking the reduced section; you never know what you might find!


A much needed calm week.

This week has been quite calm, which is what we have both needed.

Aside from the Parliament seemingly imploding. Found this on the bus on Monday afternoon on one of the seats.


Tuesday I spent going over the PIP form for husband – I’ve sent it and just need to wait for the outcome now. Based on advice for friends and family we are preparing ourselves for that it may not be straightforward. I photocopied everything as I like having paper copies of everything, ’cause you never know.

Had an unexpected and delightful surprise as the lovely receptionist I used to have lunch with who they moved, was covering at the site where I work on Wednesday. I shared my lunch with her and we had a good chinwag which was much needed.

Term has finished for this year at the uni where I work weekends, so I have Sundays off now until October. Today has been spent soaking and scrubbing the detergent drawer, eating things and doing some gardening.

Things are still growing, that sage is just savage now. Need to work out how I can dry some. But at least the nasturtiums are coming along!
Bought two hanging baskets from eBay and have planted the chive and lemon balm, plus the two nasturtiums I have managed to save from the cat in it.
We have sweetpeas! Just a new, mind, but there are loads of buds on there and they already smell HEAVENLY!

The cat came in and seemed quite agitated. Initially I could not understand why but then looked out the kitchen window.

The present the cat left me<3

She is quite pleased with herself.


Next week we are due to get some advice from husband’s union about what to do next and how they can help us.

Unsurprisingly we have been told by the management that his review has to be rearranged due to another meeting being held at his workplace. This is the 6th time this meeting has been rescheduled.


Supporting local businesses AND getting bargains!

Just a quick one; I wanted to share with you what lovely bargains I got today. I had to go to the post office after work to send something we sold on eBay so I decided to go by the fruit and veg stall that is in the square there.

I only work at this site on a Monday but have gotten good bargains there in the past when going by as they are often winding down for the day so sell stuff cheap. In the spring I got two large bags of russet apples from there for £1 each.

Today they were selling three boxes of strawberries for £1 and three packs of donut peaches for £1!

My lovely bargains! All of this for £2!

I may or may not have felt each peach until I found two that were ripe and eaten them when I got in…

I will certainly go by again next Monday; supporting local businesses, getting stuff cheap AND getting some walking in, what’s not to like?

New week, new things to do.

So it’s another week. Another Tuesday, in fact.

I am feeling a bit better now and a bit calmer.

I attended my husband’s meeting at his workplace as his advocate. The school have been in contact with the Safeguarding designate for our local area and decided that he does not pose a risk so they will not take the allegation further. They clearly do not see him as a risk as he as a) been allowed to come to work and b) they have not told the parents about the allegation the three boys have made against him. It will not go on his employment record and it will be only kept on a safeguarding file which is held internally at the school. Three times during the meeting I stated that we wanted the notes to say that the allegations have not been substantiated. (Not to mention the boys have sought him out to talk to him during last week and this week)

At his other workplace they have had a change of heart. Not only has the meeting been pushed back to next month but management have said quite firmly that husband is not allowed to take anyone with him to the second part of his appraisal; so, not me and certainly not the union. We asked if it could not be done as a reasonable adjustment because of husband’s Aspergers and they have still said no.

We just keep logging stuff, and we’ve let the union know about what’s going on. Not sure who his employer are taking advice from but they are just digging themselves into a deeper and deeper hole every time they seem to open their mouths.

All of this has left husband feeling vulnerable and he feels like he just goes in to work now just to work. The enjoyment and satisfaction he felt from doing it has gone now.

Today is a day off (?). So far I have made us breakfast, made the bed, hung stuff out to dry (I wash my handbag regularly on a gently cycle – just need to go through all the infernal things my handbag seems to accumulate now) and done my self-employed work due for tomorrow. I am attending some training this afternoon and tonight the builder is coming to give us a quote for having floors laid downstairs. I also have some sad looking parsnips and carrots I am contemplating making soup with, and I need to go collect a parcel we missed yesterday.

I am currently reading Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson, and I am waiting for How to be a Bawse by Lilly Singh to come through from the library transfer service so I can collect it from the library down the street. I love libraries – you can borrow books and enjoy them for free! And it’s green as well as you aren’t buying stuff, but reading and then bringing it back for someone else to enjoy.

Lastly I will balance this post and inject some positivity into it by sharing a picture of the cat enjoying the sunshine in the back yard yesterday.

Oh and the PIP form arrived this morning. It’s a 40 page beast. Will make a separate post about this.

midna moo
The cat enjoyed lying in the back yard yesterday ❤