Happy Blogiversary! Five years of The Realm of Silveryew.


I felt inspired after I read Val’s post over on Just Another Day On The Farm about the 11 year anniversary of their blog.

What a milestone! I had a look back through my posts, and realized that today, the 15th of November, marks the day I started writing in earnest here on The Realm of Silveryew.

It all started with me writing about my Tuesday that day, in 2016.

What was life like for us in 2016?

I worked a lot, to support Husband and I. I worked weekends, in the week, did self-employed work on the side. Husband worked part time but was being ostracized by his colleagues.

We bought our own home that year, and were saving up to renovate it, bit by bit.

There were many good things about 2017, though I cannot deny, it was a hard year.

We visited York. And we had a lovely time visiting Husband’s oldest sister and her husband in Wales. We spent time visiting my sister.

I won an award, the Britain Blog Award for Mixed-Niche Blogs.

For two weeks in December, I did a challenge for charity, Living Below The Line. I lived on £1 a day in food and drink, for two weeks.

I was still working all the hours I could find, to support us.

My mood was very, very low at times, because of how my Husband was being treated at work, and because of my Mom being so unwell.

This was not helped by when we started the process of applying for PIP. We did not know it at the time, but it lead to a hard-won victory, over a year later.

2018 was also a mixed bag.

The combination of Mom being very ill, a lot of work and supporting Husband left me feeling very flat at times.

That being said, I was very grateful for our friends and family, who supported us and gave us food and advice.

Husband started a job, which looked very promising at the time.

In the summer, we visited two places in our community, Newstead Abbey and Stonebridge City Farm. I spent time in London with my sister and we visited Stonehenge.

We had bespoke cabinets made and fitted into our bedroom, making for a much better use of the space in the alcoves there. The bathroom was also renovated.

I was awarded the Sunshine Blogger’s Award.

Husband was awarded PIP. I left my job at the college (I still retained my weekend job at the university), and started working at the hospital library.

We had our ups and downs in 2019 as well.

In April, we made the decision to put the Cat to sleep.

Then in June, a new Cat joined our household. The house is not the same, without a cat!

I travelled to Lichfield to see my friend, and Husband and I spent a few days in Skegness. We also had a trip to London. I saw Ian McKellen live in Buxton. I walked with Husband’s family in Bunny Old Wood. We visited my family back home in Norway.

We also had the front and back door replaced at the house. No longer would we hear the wind whistling through the cracks of the door on stormy days.

In September, I took part in the Saving September challenge, eating only reduced food for an entire month.

I left my job at the hospital library and my weekend job, and started at the university full time. Husband’s workplace did not want to make adjustments for him, which marked the end of the road for his job.

Then, my mother passed away peacefully on 21/12/2019.


That is all.

We attended Mom’s funeral and then began the long process of dealing with Mom’s estate.

On March 12th, I received a text message from the Norwegian Department of Public Health, letting me know a lockdown was taking place in Norway, due to the threat of COVID-19.

Then, on the 23d of March 2020, we were all told to stay at home and shelter in place.

Husband was identified as clinically extremely vulnerable, and did not leave the house for 110 days.

Thus began my weekly diaries, about Husband and I keeping safe,and me working from home.

We were very lucky, and grateful to be in the position we were in.
I could still work from home and make us a living.
Husband still received PIP, and had the review postponed until 2023.
We grew closer as a neighbourhood, seeing and interacting more with people in our community. I was grateful for the support I received at work.

Naively, I wrote a list, two months in, about all the things I wanted to do ‘once all of this was over‘. I had not foreseen we would be in this situation more than a year later.

With a lot of help from one of our neighbours, I took matters into my own hands and landscaped our front garden.

It was our ten year wedding anniversary.

We nevertheless managed to have a break, locally at Eastwood Hall. And I took part in the Pound Shop/Dollar Store Challenge.

How has 2021 been for us so far?

We have both been vaccinated against COVID-19. Thank goodness for vaccination, and for science. As more and more people were getting vaccinated, we could start seeing people indoors and outdoors, though we are still being very careful.

One way we did this was to celebrate my sister inlaw’s birthday on a privately chartered riverboat, with no other people around. Husband felt much safer going outside that way.

We have carried on being blessed by family, friends and neighbours, giving us little gifts and just their time and friendship.

I have carried on with working from home most of the time, but visit our tiny office every other week.

In July, we visited Bristol, a wise decision as we went before the restrictions were lifted.

I took part in Plastic-Free July.

And in September, I finally travelled home to see my nephew get married and visited my family, seeing them in the flesh for the first time in 18 months.

As a family, we also had a long overdue vacation to Wales.

Here’s to five years, and many more years to come.

The blog has a Facebook page, and I also post over on Instagram @Realmofsilver.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Cynni Pixy says:

    Wow that’s great! My current blog is almost 2 years old now. I have a few older blogs still existing but I haven’t been on them as they contain some memories that were good then but are awfully painful now.
    Very nice to share a glimpse of the 5 years this way. And I’m very happy to have found your site a while ago as I always enjoy your writing! Here’s to another 5 years 🥂 🎉

    1. Silver says:

      Thank you very much for your kind words.
      Yes I can completely understand that – even writing this, I had to read through some posts that were a hard read. It brought back how hopeless things were for us at the time.

      Here’s to another 5 years indeed ^_^

      1. Cynni Pixy says:

        Yes some memories can be hard… Unfortunately 😔.
        I’m looking forward to reading your new and upcoming posts for the next 5 years 😉

  2. Shannon says:

    So glad to see you going! I took a massive break, but getting back into the swings of things again. Just had my booster Jab. And I lolled at the 2020: That’s all!


    Anyway, Hi Silver, long time no see (sorry about that)

    1. Silver says:

      It’s great to hear from you Shannon – No worries I understand completely. This whole time has honestly required a break.

  3. Happy Blog Anniversary! I haven’t been blogging long. I like your pictures to see about your life.

    1. Silver says:

      Thank you very much, it seems like the time has just flown by!

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