Blog Challenge: Not everyone can do everything, but everyone can do something! Making changes to help the environment.

I saw this challenge on the blog of one of the ladies I went to school with while I lived in Norway, so decided to take part. Thanks to Lady Skogsfrue for starting this challenge off.

The challenge is to:

  1. Blog about the last change you did to help the environment.
  2. Link to the starter post in your blog post.
  3. Share a link to your blog entry in the comments section of the original post.

Now. I know that it might sound strange, but I feel myself getting older.
How, you ask?

Well, over the last year in particular, I have realized that my tolerance for the way other people behave has diminished, considerably so.

I have in particular become more and more aware of what humans are like, and what we do to the world around us. I can’t help but feel that for many people, unless something is in their immediate surroundings, they a. don’t think it’s a problem and b. don’t think it’s THEIR problem.

And, well, I have a problem with that.

Travelling on the coach going to and from London in February, I was sad and disheartened to see just how much rubbish was lying along the roads. And I see it walking to and from work. Just rubbish lying in the hedges and in the street. Out of sight, out of mind. Disgusting and upsetting, given that we know what rubbish can do to our environment and wildlife.

I therefore decided after our trip that every time I went out and about, that I would pick up a piece of litter – at least – and put it in the bin. So I have kept a bag with me to pick stuff up with, and have done this ever since.

This is my most recent conscious action to help the environment.

In addition to this, we already to these things, or have made these changes in our household:

  • Say no to disposable plastic, including straws. At events I bring my own reusable cup. I also take a reusable cup with me when I want to get a drink to take away.
  • I bring my own water bottle especially when going travelling. More and more places now let you fill up for free! I spied these at Heathrow Terminal 2 while flying home in December. Just make sure it’s empty before you pass security; you can always fill them once you are in the Departures area.
  • Buy second-hand and accept hand-me-downs. Saves you money, and saves the environment as you don’t buy something new that would have taken resources and energy to create.
  • On that note, I love using the library! You can borrow all kinds of wonderful stuff for free, saving you money, and saving resources that would have been used to print and ship books you might not read more than once.
  • Eat all our food! Sounds like a no-brainer, but why would you buy something that has taken resources and energy to grow, ship, and store, only for it to then go in the bin? What a waste!
  • Reuse stuff. If they are tough enough I wash and reuse packaging. I for instance wash and reuse plastic bags to scoop up after the Cat. Or use them in our bathroom bin upstairs.

    My little stash of bags ^_^
  • That being said, we have also changed our shopping habits to try and buy food in recyclable or less packaging. I now buy condiments in glass jars, rather than plastic bottles, for example.
  • Beauty-wise, I have made changes as well. I started with turning the tap off when brushing my teeth, and when lathering up in the shower. We don’t buy products with microbeads in them. We have swapped shower gels for bar soap (which comes in paper packaging) to cut down on plastic packaging. I cut up worn out tights and use these to remove nailpolish, and use a cotton bud (with a paper stem of course) to scrape the last of my makeup out of the containers. Rather than using wipes, I use a flannel to wash my face with.
  • I rarely buy foil and clingfilm now, but instead pack food in reusable boxes. Even a clean cloth or glass towel will do for most things!
  • We always take a bag or rucksack when shopping – I have a cute one which folds into the shape of a strawberry which I keep in my handbag.
  • I try to grow our own.

    Last year I did tomatoes with some success, and we do have some herbs in the garden as well.
    This year I have planted chard, tomatoes, littlegem lettuce and melons.
My lovely seeds I found in the sale last year – here’s to hoping I can grow something good.
  • Our washing is hung outside on the line as much as possible (it also helps that we don’t have a tumbledryer….).
    Clothes too worn to be used are either donated to the charity shops that accept rags, or I cut them up and use them to clean around the house.
  • Speaking about energy, we unplug or turn appliances off at the wall when not in use. Turn lights off in rooms when we aren’t in them, and don’t heat rooms we don’t use.
  • EDIT: As Hip Roof Barn pointed out to me, as we don’t have driving licences or access to a vehicle, we walk or use public transport, wherever we go.

What was the last thing you did/decided to make a change about, to help the environment?





2 thoughts on “Blog Challenge: Not everyone can do everything, but everyone can do something! Making changes to help the environment.

  1. Good job! Your household strategies are pretty much the same as the ones we use. I know that you also walk a lot and use public transportation. Both modes of transportation are better for the environment than driving a gas (petrol) guzzling vehicle.

    1. Thank you, yes of course, I hadn’t even considered that (probably because we don’t have a choice), I shall go and add that on, right now XD

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