Our trip to Wales.

We visited husband’s sister and husband this weekend. They live in Newtown Powys, Wales.

During our weekend away we visited the Corris craft centre and also drove along Dinas Mawddwy and Lake Vyrnwy.

Up in the mountains. Could not believe how quiet it was. We expected birdsong etc. but it was very still.



Wales is probably the place in the UK I have visited that reminds me most of home (Norway) because it’s so wooded and hilly.
Juvenile Robin.
A piece of Bakewell cake.

Sunday we visited the Mid Wales Arts Centre; they have several pieces there and is a gallery, cafe and B & B owned and run by Cathy Knapp, widow of Stefan Knapp.

Our welcoming committee. Insisted on fetching several sticks and a ball but to never surrender them. Maybe that was part of the game after all, having the silly humans chase after him to get him to give us the things?
One of Stefan Knapp’s works. We spent a while looking at this, husband said they were dancing and enjoying themselves, but I looked at the man standing on the woman in the right corner. To me that looks like subjugation
Several of the sculptures are outside in and around the main building.
Piece # 24 ‘Sharktooth’.
We initially thought these were penguins, but according to the programme, they are elephants.
A lot of the sculptures are placed in the back garden, where I found this enormous thistle plant. One bulb easily filled my hand.
This piece is aptly named ‘Life study.’



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